Suresh Iyer, Blue Star
Sep 07th 2016

Blue Star’s digital transformation was initiated in January 2016. A strategic roadmap was put in place and projects were prioritized based on business priorities and readiness, availability of appropriate technologies and existing constraints.

Core groups were set up to focus on identifying the right areas and solutions. The groups, facilitated by IT, visited other companies and centers of excellence to absorb the possibilities and generate ideas for implementation. The key areas taken up were design to manufacture, procure to pay, order to cash, customer service, and intelligent products. Some of the major projects were: demand forecasting using analytics, spare parts management, sales force automation, mobile field service, smart products (IoT enabled room air conditioners and deep freezers), and remote monitoring of chillers using IoT. GoDigital, a company-wide employee education initiative was launched to improve the digital quotient of the employees and increase awareness in order to encourage adoption and participation.

The budgets utilized to execute the initiatives were kept minimalist without compromising on scope and quality. This enabled the company to take on a lot more initiatives than would have been otherwise possible, and quickly realize the required outcomes.