Ravinder Pal Singh, TATA SIA AIRLINES (Vistara)
Sep 14th 2015

Digital Innovation Strategy

Innovation and thoughtfulness is core to Vistara’s culture. By using the art of technology, Vistara aims to become a high quality intelligent enterprise and is on 100 percent cloud infrastructure. The company uses AI and bots to understand its workforce and engage them to retain them thus having one of the lowest attrition in the industry. It utilized machine learning (ML) to understand the passenger sentiments and uses its intelligence to run effective campaigns.  It has also effectively created and deployed an operational intelligence layer connecting different operational aspects including flight operations, engineering, finance and commercial. The layer is based on technologies such as SDN, IoT, Blockchain, Kafka and threat detection. This layer brings together information from diverse sources like aircrafts, components, revenue management, and agencies like airports and regulators at different frequencies, qualities, sizes and formats. The result has been a significant reduction in operating cost, an improvement in turnaround time and maintaining profitability. It has also helped in solving problems ranging from attrition, prediction, route profitability, customer sentiments, customer retention and employee culture.