Ramaswamy P V, HCL Technologies
Aug 30th 2017

Digital Innovation Strategy

Symphony is a digital platform which empowers HCL delivery teams to plan, monitor, analyze, predict and execute its projects effectively, enhance productivity and create measurable impact on net margin. It is a persona-based, one-touch digital solution which helps various delivery personas to operate, assimilate, analyse and decide all aspects of delivery operations.

It delivers advanced and predictive analytics and deep insights through integrated data visualization tool, anytime, anywhere on the go. Based on the input from various sources and past predictions, the application provides valuable business insights to the delivery leaders, program managers and down below, which helps in understanding the account/project health and take necessary actions. The integration of processes like resource hiring, assigning, procurement, and project health has brought significant impact on cycle time and productivity. Being a mobile-first application, it provides a user friendly and quick analytics, and helps take project health update in live client meeting scenarios, analyze them and agree on actionable items.

Overall operational efficiency has been enhanced due to reduction in the number of steps for each transaction, ease of performing the transaction using a better UI and lesser number of clicks. Business performance has been improved by reducing the average fulfilment cycle from 90 days to 70 days. Entire Procurement to Pay (P2P) cycle time has improved as well as capital expenditure approval cycle time.