Rajeev Agarwal, Hindustan Aeronautics
Sep 14th 2015

Digital Innovation Strategy

IAF migrated its ERP platform – Integrated Materials Management Online System (IMMOLS), whereas HAL migrated to Industrial Finance and Systems (IFS).

These automation initiatives have enabled instantaneous capture, storage and retrieval of all relevant working data in electronic format, access-restricted to internal usage within each organization. For data security, synchronous data exchange between production servers of IAF and HAL was done asynchronously on encrypted CDs under a centralized controlled environment.

Development of the IAF-HAL e-Portal helped in leveraging full potential of ERP platforms of both the establishments. It helped all functionaries in IAF-HAL supply chain to get instant access to authentic information on production, regular overhaul, and overall supply status. This has resulted in bolstering data security, speed, realistic PDCs, advance visibility, and better serviceability. The implementation reduced processing time for finalization of tasking and First Part Qualification (FPQ) processes. HAL derived benefits of advanced visibility of IAF requirement in terms of Aircraft-On-Ground, task, and repair and maintenance supply order. It also facilitated timely material planning and reduced cycle time for repair and overhaul.