Nandkishor Dhomne, Manipal Health Enterprises
Aug 30th 2017

Digital Innovation Strategy

Manipal hospital tied up with IBM’s Watson to deliver an artificial intelligence project using cognitive computing and natural language processing technologies to help cancer patients.

The team’s task was to work closely with the global Watson team to integrate their methods with oncology solutions to provide the best possible treatment keeping in mind the challenges faced by the Indian doctors. The objective of the project was to ensure that Indian doctors have a highly integrated solution that allows Watson recommendation for each patients. The HIS system pulls out all demographic information, laboratory, radiology and histopathology reports for a patient and sends it to Watson. Doctors can open Watson system with all required information pre-populated on a single click. The team is also expected to create a solution where the Watson recommendations can be returned back, hence creating transparency. The team also worked with IBM to test the natural language processing capability that allows automatic data extraction from histopathology.

Another important development was to make an intelligent cost calculator that would determine cancer chemotherapy treatment specific to a patient's clinical parameters. This would help doctors share cost information of each chemotherapy regime with patients.