D Vijay Kumar, The Akshaya Patra Foundation
Aug 30th 2017

Digital Innovation Strategy

The project involved using infrastructure-as-a-service and adopting private cloud to ensure foolproof supply chain, MIS, ERP and CRM across 30 locations, ensuring mid-day meal supply to 11,800 schools with near-zero downtime.

All the servers are with High Availability, and the health status of virtual machines (VM) is consistently monitored by data center professionals 24/7, 365 days. All the server/storage/internet are with complete redundancy mode. Daily snapshot backup of all the servers data is taken with seven days retention.

Dedicated physical firewall for security services is enabled and dedicated 20 MBPS bandwidth has been allocated to proposed VMs.

MPLS and Internet lease connectivity to datacenters and branches for a seamless transaction on ERP and other software. Third party ERP was implemented on all modules including procurement, daily production plan, production, supply chain, school enrolments and all financial transactions. The digital transformation has helped the not-for-profit organization tremendously in achieving its goal of efficiently supplying mid-day meals to more than 1.7 million children every day across thousands of schools in India.