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You can say “migrations and upgrades” to a database administrator (DBA) or systems administrator. But what they usually hear is “risk and downtime.” This e-book shows you how to simplify the migration and upgrade process so you can avoid the risk, downtime and long hours normally associated with it, particularly the upgrade to databases

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7 steps to Zero impact database migration

How to avoid the most common pitfalls of migrating from Oracle to SQL Server

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Next Generation Mission-Critical Data Management in the Cloud

This document describes Oracle Autonomous Database strategy and road map. Some of the features and functionality discussed may not appear in the initial release of the services

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New Frontiers of Automation: The IT Leader’s Guide to Oracle Autonomous Database

Learn what Oracle Database 18c can do for your organization, and why an autonomous database will broaden horizons for your team

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Hiding in plain sight

How a cloud access security broker with built-in user behavior analytics unmasks insider threats in the cloud

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Get smart about cloud security

Here are some clues that can help make your scavenger hunt for a secure cloud provider just a bit easier.

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Integrated Customer Experiences

Game Changer for Omnichannel Retail

IoT: Yearning for Frameworks, Policies and Skill Pool

Every CIO is looking for ways to incorporate IoT and AI into their strategies and daily operations. Since these are nascent technologies there is dearth of standardization and good advice.

Integrated Mobility: The key to a unified workforce

Modern-day businesses are increasingly relying on integrated mobility solutions to create a highly collaborative workforce and enhance the experience of their customers.

Controls and collaboration key in securing the new age digital enterprise

Amidst the growing threat of cyber-attacks and a swarm of security products, here is what it takes to secure the modern enterprise from inside out.

Interoperability and uniform standards to propel cloud adoption in India

Cloud vendors need to now solve issues of shadow IT, lack of uniform standards and smoother interoperability to improve cloud adoption in India.