Controls and collaboration key in securing the new age digital enterprise

Amidst the growing threat of cyber-attacks and a swarm of security products, here is what it takes to secure the modern enterprise from inside out.

Interoperability and uniform standards to propel cloud adoption in India

Cloud vendors need to now solve issues of shadow IT, lack of uniform standards and smoother interoperability to improve cloud adoption in India.

Predictive analytics: The new normal in digital

With data available in excess, analytics will help companies gain value from this data. Predictive analytic services that will be available as a pay per use model will help companies take maximum advantage of the insights gained.

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Smart Building Connectivity

This white paper looks at why organizations should be taking an integrated approach to cabling infrastructure to support the next generation of wireless technologies.

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SYSTIMAX Structured Cabling Systems

This white paper looks at the advanced connectivity capabilities provided by SYSTIMAX and why your organization should trust it with its cabling needs. 

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High Speed Migration

This white paper looks at how CommScope's High Speed Migration platform enables your infrastructure to adapt, evolve and scale in the long-term.

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Fiber Backbone Cabling in Buildings

This white paper discusses the importance of having the proper cabling in place for a seamless migration to 40 or 100 Gbps architecture.

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Data Center High Speed Migration: Infrastructure Issues, Trends, Drivers and Recommendations

This white paper looks at common infrastructure issues, trends, drivers and recommendations to make your data center migration as smooth as possible. 

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Category 6A: The Cabling of Choice for New Installations

This white paper explores the past and present of data communications and discusses the benefits of Category 6A over its predecessors. 

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The real cost of a security breach

When it comes to data breaches, the question isn't if it will happen to your company, but when. The ripple effects of a breach could affect your organization for years to come. So, what do you have to lose? Find out now.

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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

Lower cost, increased reliability and performance to extract more values from your data with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

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How to choose the right cloud technology to drive business agility and innovation excellence

As cloud technology becomes progressively more powerful and accessible, many line-of-business (LoB) managers are taking the lead in provisioning their own technology platforms to drive disruptive innovations that transform the business.