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Enabling digital transformation through agile learning

Building the skills needed to support 6,000+ internal customers as they help global Fortune 500 customers digitally transform takes a modern approach to learning.

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The Technology Learning Platform to Succeed in the Digital Age

Unlock your organization’s superpower with a learning platform that allows you to reliably and predictably
create technology skills at scale.

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Train your team on Google Technologies - Register for free

Pluralsight and Google India are joining forces to help developers build in-demand skills for free. Get access to 70+ courses and expertly curated learning paths to re-skill on essential technologies.

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5 things you need to know about Java 9

Here are five of the most exciting changes that should encourage you to adopt Java 9. 

Planning for successful digital transformation? Go past the cloud natives

Joseph Pucciarelli of IDC on how traditional companies are showing the way in breaking through digital deadlock

Veteran CIO Pratap Gharge retires from Bajaj Electricals

Pratap Gharge, CIO at Bajaj Electricals, will retire on 30 June. He was a true visionary well ahead of his time. Here’s a look at his exceptional stint as an IT leader.

How CIOs can implement a DevOps culture

If implemented correctly, DevOps can streamline processes and propel a complete working culture shift

How Swinburne University is stepping up hybrid cloud

Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology had been hosting core apps and systems in its two Hawthorn data centres for quite some time. But things are changing as the institution steadily moves towards a hybrid cloud environment.

Trying to build a better IT organisation? Alignment is out, anticipation is in

What sets high performing IT organisations apart from the rest? It could very well be their ability to anticipate. The days of IT thinking it needs to ‘align’ with the organisation are over.

Is measuring the benefits of digital a dark art?

Every business case for digital investment should include a section that describes, preferably in exquisite detail, the benefits that the organisation can expect in return for investing time, money, many staff and customer good will.