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Moving to Next Generation ERP is Easier than You Think

At the pace at which business is evolving, CIOs cannot afford to ignore the transformative analytics and decision-making capabilities that next-generation ERP technologies offer.

Indian tech firms must innovate for better customer experience: KK Natarajan, Mindtree

At CII Industry Next Summit 2018 held in Bangalore, industry leaders discussed the need for India's IT sector to innovate keeping customers in mind.

VMware tackles complexity of multi-cloud environments

VMware has expanded its portfolio of cloud tools to help enterprises improve the manageability of their public cloud and on-premises environments. At the same time, VMware announced the first global expansion of VMware Cloud on AWS, its joint hybrid cloud service with Amazon Web Services.

Postman releases collaboration feature for API development

The new feature includes the introduction of workspaces, a new construct to enhance collaboration on connected software.

7 ways an MBA will advance your IT career — and 5 ways it won't

Is an MBA the key to IT career success or simply a costly waste of time? Here's what you need to know.

Oracle unveils strongest cloud guarantee for IaaS to protect customers

Oracle is now the only cloud infrastructure provider offering guaranteed service levels across performance, manageability, and availability.

Cloud to represent 95 percent of total data center traffic by 2021: Cisco

According to Cisco Global Cloud Index (2016-2021), both consumer and business applications are contributing to the growing dominance of cloud services over the Internet

Don’t let crappy software drive your employees away

User experience has a much more significant impact on talent acquisition and retention that you’d think.

The future of 3D holograms comes into focus

While everyone is fixated on AR using smartphones or headsets, the real hologram revolution is emerging from the lab.

Has MDM become an integral part of the BYOD strategy?

With the rapid adoption of Bring Your Own Device trend, enterprises are pushed to implement MDM tools to effectively prevent business data from falling into the wrong hands.

AI, all-flash and HCI to propel modern datacenter: Som Satsangi, HPE

HPE packs some serious firepower with AI-powered flexible infra that offers everything as a service and simplifies hybrid IT

3D Printing will disrupt manufacturing industry

Manufacturing will receive a new face-lift, all thanks to the progress being made on 3D printing  aka additive manufacturing technology.