Flipkart-Walmart deal: What works and what does not? 

Walmart bought majority stake in Flipkart for USD 16 billion last week. CIO India spoke to industry veterans and analysts to understand what works and what does not work in the deal.

CIOs need to drive tech innovation to bolster customer-centric mentality

CIOs have an “influential role to play” in not only leading transformational change across the organisation, but in steering the company towards a more customer-centric approach.

Walmart goes all out in India: Plans to open 50 stores in 4 to 5 years 

After the acquisition of 77 percent stake in Indian e-commerce company Flipkart, the retail giant Walmart is going all out in the Indian market. It has now announced it will open 50 more stores. 

eBay cuts ties with Flipkart; plans big come back with import inventory

Within a year of getting into a strategic partnership, eBay has officially stated that it would cut all its ties with Flipkart, and intends on selling its stake for USD 1.1 billion.

Walmart buys Flipkart for USD 15 billion; Alphabet too likely to invest

Softbank CEO, Masayoshi Son has confirmed that the deal between Walmart and Flipkart has been finalised. This is expected to be the biggest deal in the e-commerce sector.

Flipkart-Walmart deal: Alphabet throws hat in the ring

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is also likely to invest in Flipkart along with Walmart. Here's what Forrester analyst, Satish Meena thinks of the Flipkart -Walmart deal. 

Meheriar Patel joins Jeena and Company as Group CIO

Patel is the former Group CIO of AGC Network, an Essar Group company, and has over two decades of experience as technology heads in various verticals.

Businesses can now incorporate augmented reality into their FB messenger experiences

On the first day of the F8 developers conference hosted by Facebook,every year, it talks about enhancing the messenger platform for business.

10 factors to consider before you start an e-commerce business

Not every e-commerce business can be the next Flipkart or Amazon. It is important to find your niche, and make sure that the idea you have chosen is competitive. Avoid excessively crowded niche. No competition can mean no demand, or spell huge success. You need to delve deep to find out how it might work for you.

Walmart inches closer to seal deal with Flipkart

If the deal is successful, Walmart will hold 60 to 80 percent shares of the homegrown e-commerce portal Flipkart.

Will Flipkart-Walmart deal shakeup the fastest growing marketplace in India?

Retail mogul Jeff Bezos tells investors that India is the most important market for Amazon, amidst Flipkart’s plans to join forces with Walmart.

The thin line between high performance computing and AI

Amidst the mad rush to hop on to the AI bandwagon, the industry oft jumps the gun and deems data-driven models to be artificial intelligence.