Top 10 priorities that will help Indian companies to embrace GDPR

On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect, giving regulators unprecedented power to impose fines, and requiring large-scale privacy changes across organizations if they conduct business in Europe.

When every public screen is your personal screen: Coming soon, 'Parallel Reality'

Augmented reality without glasses or goggles? It’s called ‘parallel reality,’ and it’s coming soon.

Blockchain: The growth-driving technology

A recent World Economic Forum report predicts that by 2025, 10 percent of GDP will be stored on blockchains or blockchain-related technology. The potential of blockchain technology is certain to be realized in a world where data protection and verification is of such high importance.

Why the Cambridge Analytica scandal was actually a good thing for Facebook users

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal has resulted in a global uproar, with Facebook users furiously deleting their accounts en masse in a collective ‘up yours’ to the platform’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Building a customer community: 13 critical questions to get started

Salesforce, WordPress, Simplemachines, BB engines…they all have demos for community-building tools that will daze and amaze. But which one’s for you? Don’t go shopping until you’ve answered these questions.

Privacy and the right to be forgotten: Are we really ready?

The World Wide Web is gearing up for “the right to be forgotten”, it is nearly impossible to erase the entire digital foot print. Despite all the ‘forget’ mechanisms, backups and cloud duplication would have happened in the dark web.

Intel's new 'Coffee Lake' Core desktop CPUs and chipsets swipe a trick from smart speakers

Intel reveals new desktop "Coffee Lake" Core processors, along with four new chipsets that add quick-wake 'modern standby' capabilities.

6 myths CEOs believe about security

Want a more effective IT security strategy? Dispel your CEO and senior management of these common cybersecurity misconceptions.

Top 3 data center trends to watch out for in 2018

The influx of data and its consumption is permeating our daily lives.  Explosion of data, hyper convergence, and innovations in the IT infrastructure have made data center solutions a critical factor across all sectors.

Artificial Intelligence - A Game Changer in Customer Experience

Today, we all are subjected to campaigns and recommendations that are increasingly accurate and delivered using Machine Learning and AI. As per an IDC report, by 2021, customer engagement AI applications alone would add one trillion dollars to the world economy in the form of increased revenue, lowered expenses and improved productivity.

Why is Artificial Intelligence so disruptive?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started impacting our lives, businesses, and the economy in ways unheard of.  Here is my three cents on it.

Alice through the looking glass: On the other side, the IT workforce must be (more) diverse

The myth of the glass ceiling in IT remains a wicked problem. Women have shaped computer science, from Ada Lovelace to Grace Hopper and Mary Lee Berners.