How Swinburne University is stepping up hybrid cloud

Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology had been hosting core apps and systems in its two Hawthorn data centres for quite some time. But things are changing as the institution steadily moves towards a hybrid cloud environment.

‘We have to be the supervisors of robots’: HPE’s Dr Goh

Academics predict that half of our jobs will disappear soon thanks to the automation provided by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.

10 change management courses for IT leaders

Leading change in an organization requires a balance of hard and soft skills. These 10 change management courses will help you strengthen the skillset necessary to lead organizational change.

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Now, blockchain can turn carbon credits into tokens for trading

Companies are developing a crypto token that represents carbon credits to be traded on a blockchain ledger, creating a more efficient and transparent method for exchanging the valuable certificates tied to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How to lead a virtual team: 5 keys for success

You've got the tools, you've navigated the logistical hurdles, but you still may not be leading your remote team in the most effective way possible. Here's how to get virtual teams right.

How Roy Hill is using IoT to manage lighting towers

Western Australian mining giant Roy Hill had a problem: A significant number of vital lighting towers that illuminate mining tenements were simply being lost between shifts.

Profile: How one Aussie start-up is changing the beauty and wellness business

Honee founder and CEO, Matt Jones, admits he knows way too much about the beauty industry. He chuckles when asked how and why he finds himself immersed in the beauty and wellness space - and the reason behind his mission to help digitise the industry.

Traps that can derail your career

When you take on a new CIO role you expect to succeed. You’ve climbed the rungs of leadership and have been vetted, tested and proven through much of your career.

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Overcoming ICT’s barriers to diversity

ShadowTech allows female high school students to spend a day with mentors in the technology industry.

A brief history of Salesforce.com

The way the story goes is that Marc Benioff was floating in the sea just off Big Island in his beloved Hawaii during a sabbatical when he thought: why can't buying software be as a simple as Amazon is for consumer goods?