CXO Interview

Oracle and AT&T tell the story of their massive cloud migration

In this Q&A, AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan and Oracle CEO Mark Hurd talk about their deal to work together to migrate thousands of databases to the cloud.

Here’s how technology is changing the face of journalism

How newer technologies like cognitive and social media analytics have completely disrupted new age journalism.

PowerAI democratizes deep learning for customers

With PowerAI combined with Power Systems will help businesses around the world to deploy a fully optimized platform for the deep learning with enhanced performance, says Sumit Gupta, VP-Cognitive Systems at IBM.

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HPE services adding teeth to Archon business: Sachin Rao

We offer plethora of services from building the datacenter to support and maintenance of products within the DC, says Sachin S. Rao, MD and CEO at Archon Consulting Systems.

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Bimodal is not the one stop solution for all tech problems: Rajesh Dhar, HPE

Bimodal IT is important but it isn’t the answer to all IT issues, says Rajesh Dhar, Senior Director, Pointnext, HPE India.

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Data-driven culture accelerates adoption of analytics : Noshin Kagalwalla, SAS

Analytical strategies are discussed at an executive level to out-think and out-do the competition, says Noshin Kagalwalla, MD at SAS India.

Twenty years after Deep Blue, what can AI do for us?

IBM built Deep Blue to win at chess -- but since then has taken a collaborative, rather than competitive, approach to artificial intelligence.

Metadata can fix your dark data problems: Gerard Francis, Bloomberg

Gerard Francis, the man at the helm of Bloomberg’s global enterprise solutions, sheds light upon why metadata is the new Holy Grail in the enterprise today.

HPE’s tech blueprint etched for modern CIOs: Peter Ryan

Make hybrid IT simple and power the intelligent edge, says Peter Ryan, Chief Sales Officer at HPE.




Cisco’s skin in the game to digitize India: Dinesh Malkani
Cisco is shifting gears with its extensive portfolio to stich companies’ Dx journey, says Dinesh Malkani, India President at Cisco.
New HPE has perfect synergy for Digital India

Our focus on hybrid IT and intelligent edge is benefitting Indian CIOs' IT infra, says HPE India MD Som Satsangi.

Pavan Duggal on why Indian banks lose the security plot

Indian banks just can't seem to get their act together when it comes to enforcing cybersecurity protocols. What makes it worse is their hush hush approach to reporting breaches.