CIO100 - The Mark of Excellence


opening imageOver the last three decades  CIO100 has become a proud tradition that extends from the USA to dozens of countries around the world. CIO100 and was ranked by CEOs among the top 10 most influential corporate scorecards produced by any media company, anywhere in the world, making it the globally acknowledged mark of excellence in IT.

In India, CIO100 is celebrated on the first Friday of September and has become a date that unites the IT industry and showcases the best of Indian enterprise technology. The CIO100 Awards honors 100 outstanding organisations and their CIOs for exemplary use of technology while the symposium, held concurrently, encourages the exchange of ideas and inspires further transformation through proactive adoption of technology solutions.

With a program that is designed to facilitate ample networking, CIO100 is a community event that serves as a destination to nurture old friendships and form new bonds.

CIO100 is recognised as the most powerful congregation of IT leaders in India with entry exclusively to winners. This year however, CIO100 is set to get even bigger with the addition of IT leaders from across sectors as part of the Reimagineering India 2020 initiative.

CIO100 is the acknowledged mark of excellence in enterprise IT. It is the most remarkable gathering of the top CIOs and senior IT executives in India.


AutoWe believe that technology alone serves no one. It lacks purpose, it lacks heart. It is computing power without brain power. But when put to use to serve a higher purpose, technology can be truly transformative. Reimangineering India is a project that harnesses the collective wisdom of India’s extraordinary IT leaders to shape a new India. 
Reimagineering India has a simple mission—to imagine a future enabled by technology and provide a blueprint in order to engineer it into reality. Across industries, IDG has co-opted leading CIOs to help create this blueprint for the future. We believe that collectively, if we can give shape to every industry and redefine its future, we will have conceived and delivered a transformed nation—a Reimagineered India by 2020. 
Our goal is not just to create a blueprint, but to evangelise its adoption to the most influential people in India. Reimagineering India will take many shapes including the form of a coffee table book that will be distributed to every CEO and board member of corporate India. It will reach those in Government departments charted to drive change all the way up to the office of the Prime Minister. The Reimagineering India 2020 book will be a showcase of CIOs vision of a new India powered by technology. And in keeping with the core being digital, Reimagineering India will manifest itself as a massive online initiative. CIO will ensure dedicated ongoing coverage with opinions from industry leaders, and initiatives that are taking shape to help share progress. Enterprise IT heads will find relevant ideas and practical advice on how to embrace the blueprint for their particular industry and use it to transform their organisations.    


Reimagineering India began in April 2018 and has gathered support of 75 plus IT leaders (many of whom are distinguished CIO100 Hall of Fame members) from across industries like Automobiles, Banking, Manufacturing and Healthcare to name a few. These industry veterans have committed to lend their time and vast domain knowledge to this initiative. By envisioning the future in their respective sectors, CIOs can help reshape the experience of customers, partners, employees and the communities they serve.