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Fortis merger: Will Manipal-TPG proposal seal the deal?

In the revised proposal, Manipal has made clear margins over IHH and Munjal-Burmans, signalling a merger that can be a game-changer in the healthcare sector.

Dell India targets augmenting productivity for SMEs and smaller towns: Indrajit Belgundi

Dell has been synonymous in the market with their latest projects. Recently the tech giant started a few initiatives focusing tier 1, 2, 3, 4 cities separately, probably covering everyone. Here is more about their unique initiative reaching out to the unreached.

Telecom commission approves in-flight connectivity

Indian flyers soon will be able to make calls and access internet in flights.

Paytm introduces India's first offline payment solution

The first offline payment system in India, Paytm Tap Card, will take less than 0.5 seconds for a transaction.

Technology transforms banking: 3 Indian examples

The Indian banks are rapidly adopting new technologies, platforms and techniques to woo their customers.

Zuckerberg assures 'everything possible' to make sure India elections are safe

While testifying to the US officials Zuckerberg accepted responsibility of the whole data breach, and said Russians are trying to exploit their system.

Government websites down; suspects Chinese hackers, and finally denies any hack

About a dozen government websites including that of the defence ministry went down for more than eight hours last Friday, with rumors that they have been hacked by the Chinese. However, the government ruled-out any hacking.

Data scientists impactful change agents; Airtel hires former NASA exec as Chief Data Scientist

The data scientists are becoming more impactful agents of change and they are mostly leading the digital transformation, in all sectors including large enterprises, government sector and start-ups.

Facebook breach: 87 million global, 5.6 million Indian profiles compromised

Making certain policy changes, Facebook announced how users can now control, and delete data from the app and also control several other features which were vulnerable.

Former Google AI chief joins Apple to make Siri better

Google's former artificial intelligence and search head, John Giannandrea stepped down from his post on Tuesday.

Anand Mahindra offers to fund desi social network; gets rave response

Mahindra group Chairman tweeted that he is willing to provide seed funds for a desi social networking platform that is 'widely owned and professionally managed and willingly regulated'.

Facebook-Cambridge Analytica fiasco: The complete timeline and Zuckerberg, Sandberg apologies

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook on Wednesday wrote an apology stating about the whole fiasco. Here is also the timeline of the events unfolded from Data Analytica's time in Facebook to the complete ban of it.