HR technology redefines IT spends

Organizations are moving from operating in functional groups to operating as “network of teams.” Everyone in the working world are concerned about the future of their careers with the rise of AI, robotics and other technologies at the workplace. With such fundamental shifts happening, two roles are in the spotlight – the CHRO and the CIO.

How to cut costs when launching a product/service with UX

Good UX design can yield website conversion rates of up to 400%! UX is also a good way to iron out your thoughts, streamline your efforts and orchestrate the entire company’s efforts in order to achieve a superlative customer experience.

Transformation is a culture-shift; organizations have to be culturally ready

Is the organization culturally ready to embrace the transformation charter they have set for themselves? Do they have the conviction to stay with the transformation, however disruptive it may be.

Can HCI solve all my business infrastructure problems?

The hype about hyperconverged infrastructure is causing technology leaders to rethink their data architecture strategies. This blog explains when businesses should adopt HCI, and when they shouldn’t.

How voice technology will re-shape business

Everybody expects voice tech and virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana to make a big splash in the enterprise. Here's what to expect.

Beware of fatal pitfalls as a new CIO

It’s your first day as the new CIO. You may know what probably needs to be done, but you don’t yet know what and who you don’t know.

The journey to cloud: five ways to avoid short sightedness

Digital transformation – in particular the move to cloud – has completely changed the way we work. However, if I’m honest, it hasn’t been very straight forward. I wasn’t surprised when I discovered, thanks to a Rackspace survey, that 94 per cent of c-suite executives have regrets following a cloud migration.

Fake products? Only AI can save us now

The arms race is on: Counterfeiters will use AI to create convincing fakes; smart enterprises will use AI to fight back.

Facilities management: AI-driven enterprise SaaS tech raise efficiencies

AI-driven enterprise SaaS technology would help achieve revolutionary increases in efficiencies by enabling centralised management of buildings in real-time.

Bots-first approach: A secret formula for bank CIOs

Examine how banks can achieve synergistic benefits of robotic test automation (RTA) in pre-production and robotic process automation (RPA) in production for competitive advantage.

Hyperscale DCs optimize infra costs; virtualize data, network and compute resources

The telecom sector is arguably the world’s largest consumer of network, storage and compute resources today. The power generation and distribution sector is also seeing a huge influx of consumer data. The infrastructure needed to manage this scale of data would add significantly to cost pressures. A look at how energy and utilities can gain from Hyperscale DCs.

Enterprises, emotion and the rise of the ‘empathy economy’

Artificial intelligence can now detect human emotion better than people can. It’s time to get emotional about AI.